Job Opening 1:1 Aides

Title of Position:


Type of Position:


Position Reports To:






Qualification Required:

1:1 Aide




Program Coordinator


Hawthorne Country Day School (Westchester or Manhattan Campus)


Required education: Minimum High School Diploma/GED


Experience with the developmentally disabled a plus.



  • The One to One Aide is directly responsible for student.
  • Knowledge of student's special alerts.
  • Assists in the implementation of daily and weekly programs in communication, academic, and social behaviors (including behavior programs which target measuring inappropriate behavior) as assigned by teachers/school supervisors.
  • Assists in any clerical work required (i.e., daily evaluations, requisitions, taking data, graphing).
  • Responsible for assisting student in carrying out daily activities as developed and planned.
  • Responsible for participating in Hawthorne Country Day School facility training, in-service meetings, classroom meetings and building meetings.
  • Assists student daily in proper hygiene habits (Activities of Daily Living--ADL's/toileting program, changing diapers, etc.)
  • Accompanies student to the medical office or other services (speech, OT, PT or gym) as needed.
  • Assists student during group activities, in class or during library and computer time (helping remain on-task and engage in appropriate activities).
  • Supervises and prompts student during mealtimes to eat appropriately (with utensils).
  • Ensures that program areas are maintained properly.
  • Participates in activities of daily living program.
  • Assumes additional responsibility when assigned to maintain the quality of care for the student.
  • Follows established HCDS facility and school policies and procedures.
  • Participates in all recreational programs.
  • Assures the safety and welfare of students
  • Assumes other responsibilities as assigned.

Apply for positions by sending your resume and cover letter to:


Michelle Redd

Human Resources

Hawthorne Foundation Inc.

5 Bradhurst Avenue

Hawthorne, NY 10532

FAX: 914-592-5321



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